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To all our valued clients, please note the following with reference to stimulus checks:

Evolution Tax Center (“ETC”) solely provides tax preparation services. Benetax Financial Corp. and/or Benetax, Inc. (BENETAX) is responsible for the electronic filing of ETC clients’ tax returns.

For ETC clients that elect to use the option of paying ETC tax prep fees from their tax refund, we use BENETAX, as a clearing house or “bank product” to complete this transaction.

This is also known in the tax preparation industry as a bank product that most tax preparers and tax agencies/CPAs use as well. Some other services similar to BENETAX have been found to charge even more. 

BENETAX then processes refunds due to clients after deducting any agreed-upon sums that are owed to ETC for tax preparation services. Other than the agreed upon tax preparation fee, ETC does not receive any additional monies from IRS refund payments via BENETAX.

If you paid your 2019 tax return ETC tax prep fees upfront, the IRS should be sending your stimulus money directly to your account that was used when ETC completed your tax return.

If you elected to pay your 2019 tax return ETC tax prep fees from your refund, it may go to BENETAX like your tax refund did. BENETAX will then issue either a check or ACH once they receive the IRS stimulus on your behalf.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. government may, in the future, approve additional COVID-19 stimulus payments. If taxpayers did not provide the IRS with personal bank account information for payment of stimulus monies, then the IRS may send taxpayer stimulus funds to the last bank account known to the taxpayer. As such, your stimulus funds may be deposited to BENETAX for processing. ETC has no control over BENETAX’s policies and procedures with reference to the stimulus funds, and will not receive any benefit or payment from BENETAX with reference to any fees charged by BENETAX for the processing of such funds.

In the event that the IRS forwards any stimulus payments to BENETAX on your behalf, your funds will either be directly deposited, paid by check, or returned to the IRS. There is a $30 or $10 processing fee associated with these respectively.

As always, our main goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service. 

ETC will be providing a $30 or $10 credit on next year’s tax preparation fees to you as a gesture of goodwill. Although we are not charging any processing fees, we are doing this because we highly value our clients. During these difficult times, with the IRS and tax agencies over-burdened alike, we hope this goes some way in showing you how much we appreciate you.

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