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Evolution Tax Center

Why Us


Evolution Tax Center is not your ordinary accounting and tax firm. We offer an assortment of unique services that make your life easy with everything you need in one place. We strive to make available all our skills in helping you “Keep more of your money in your pocket!” We are a family-owned and operated, which allows us to offer our clients QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE WITH A FAMILY FEEL.

You need a tax professional that you can trust to get you the most money on your refund and avoid costly penalties. At Evolution Tax Center, you can always rely on getting:

  • Accurate returns
  • Friendly service
  • The highest possible refund

Tax laws can be confusing and stressful, making mistakes when you self-file almost inevitable. Who can you trust to help you? Us, Evolution Tax Center. We founded Evolution Tax Center to help people just like you figure out the best tax strategy, so you can keep as much money as possible and avoid paying the government more than you have to.

We are a boutique tax preparation company that focuses on educating you on simple tax strategies, but yet very effective in getting you the most out of your tax return.

We prefer to take a proactive vs. reactive approach to tax return preparation services. We take the time and listen to each client’s unique situation, which allows us to take advantage of every possible tax-saving opportunity.

With a new tax reform plan into effect in 2018, we are in a position to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both your current and future tax liabilities. We provide our individual and business clients with the expertise and knowledge they deserve throughout the year. We don’t just prepare taxes, we want to help you, and will keep in touch to make sure there are no tax return surprises come the following April!

Our Mission


To provide businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals with quality accounting, business advisory, and tax services. To make our clients feel like family, with good communication, and personal care for our client’s success, and prosperity, both financially and mentally.


Our Guarantee


If you find that Evolution Tax Center made an error on your tax return that results in you receiving a lower refund, we will refund your tax preparation fees and file an amended return at no cost to you. Claims must be made in the same calendar year the original return was prepared. Don’t just wonder. We’d love to answer any questions you might have. 

We can deduct your filing fees from your refund, so you can file your taxes without disrupting your cash-flow.

“Keep your money in your pocket!” 

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Guarantee - Evolution Tax Center

Client Testimonials

“Jonathan is very knowledgeable and friendly went the extra mile for me. Set up an appointment with Jonathan will make your tax return happy”
- David Bishop [5 stars on Google]
“Jonathan was so nice and efficient!!! We had just moved here last year and was worried about finding someone to do our taxes. No more we will go back to him again next year!!”
- Barbara Strong [5 stars on Google]
“Jonathan was a pleasure to work with! He was very thorough with explaining all of the details of my tax return and going line by line. Do yourself a favor, get your taxes done with Evolution Tax Center!”
- Frank Diaz [5 stars on Google]
“Jonathan is very knowledgeable and provided great service. Set up an appointment with Jonathan, you will not be disappointed.”
- Manny Bacallao Jr [5 stars on Google]
“Great service! Personable and friendly. Nelson provided quick and thorough service making the experience simple and easy. Highly recommend Evolution Tax Center!!”
- Justin Atwood [5 stars on Google]
“Jonathan was amazing and very professional. He did everything to make sure I get the maximum refund. Service was prompt and quick. Thank you Jonathan and Evolution Tax center.”
- Shanawar Chungtai [5 stars on Google]

Firm Family

Jonathan Ullivarri

Set yourself up for a bright financial future.


I’ve been in the Financial Services industry for nearly 10 years. I’ve since decided to specialize in taxes and have been doing so for several years. I really enjoy helping people reduce their tax burden. We founded our company with that as our core belief. With every client I meet with my goal is to educate them on how they are being taxed and how to legally reduce their tax liability.

Jonathan Ullivarri - Evolution Tax Center
Nelson Yecora - Evolution Tax Center

Nelson Yecora

Getting the most out your money

I’ve been in the Automotive Finance Services field since 1994.  I have represented some major fortune 500 companies implementing several processes, training, and mentoring others to achieve more. Helping people find ways to save money,  earn more and live better is a quest that has become a passion.  Evolution Tax Center became an avenue of direction in spreading the knowledge of Strategies being used by the wealthy every day.  Simple call to action steps providing valuable benefits. I strongly believe we should strive to work smarter and not harder. 
There are several methods for creating wealth. Starting with saving on Taxes with a home-based business, or by eliminating your debt in just a few years including that monthly mortgage. I’m here to provide a positive outlook. Call me and let me show you how. 

Gwen Celen

Equipping you with the education needed to reach your financial goals.

Taxes can be complicated, but they don’t have to be if you have the right person handling them for you. As an organized and efficient tax accountant with over 20 years of accounting experience, I have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve and reach your financial goals. Having worked in the personal, corporate, and amended sectors of tax return processing, I am confident working with clients from start to finish to meet their financial needs consistently. With the new tax code, every file can be different from the last, situations change every year, so it’s now more important to review each file carefully to maximize your options. I am driven and passionate about helping and educating our clients to maximize their tax deductions and paying less in taxes.Let’s work together on making taxes easy, simple, and most importantly get back more of your money.

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